Our pride

Here we share our successes, they are results of our stores obtained with tremendous work from the entire team. Online stores and landing pages that together bring us approximately 2 million USD a year.

Now everything on the table! For every canal!

We are going to share with you the results for each channel for the year 2022 and how we face everything that IOS 14.5+ brought us.


This channel with the change to IOS 14.5+ gave us more work in 2021 and 2022, but we faced it successfully and we have 600% of the average ROAS and of course it gives us more, since this is what only Facebook managed to measure directly.

Google Ads

In 2022, with the change from shopping to performance max with optimal settings, everything was improved. The average ROAS of 700%.

Pinterest Ads

I don't think you have considered Pinterest Ads, since it is just launched in Chile and Ads have been working since June 2022. For now it is the highest ROAS of all platforms with necessary adjustments: more than 1000%.

Email marketing

Here we always look for how to automate, segment, not get bored with our emails and in the end they give us an average of 30% sales.

Now you know all the details about our results and if you need similar results, contact us.

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