Verify your assets. Check your opportunities.

It is important to audit the business regularly to ensure that your investment is generating a return and everything is working correctly. Our audit process involves the following:

1. We analyze your website.

It is the first impression that your potential clients have. It is essential that it is easy to navigate, attractive, has a clear call to action and meets all the necessary criteria. We evaluate opportunities to improve it.

2. We analyze website traffic.

We examine the main data from google analytics. This information can help determine which areas of the website need to be improved.

3. We analyze your Google Ads campaigns.

We check performance metrics, Google tag, keywords, ads, budgets, landing pages, audiences. This helps you check if you are getting the most out of your google or there is something to improve.

4. We analyze campaigns from your social networks Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest.

We check performance metrics, facebook/pinterest pixel, audiences, ads, budgets, landing pages. This way you find out if your social networks are performing at their best or if there is something to improve.

5. We analyze your email marketing.

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient strategies for online marketing. We are going to review the email pixel, your automatic emails, your campaigns, to determine if they are relevant and attractive to the recipients.

In short, you will know what strategies are working and what are not and if an efficient marketing strategy needs to be improved/developed. With an audit you can ensure that you are maximizing your investment in online marketing and generating the highest possible return on investment.

Of course, if we find that everything works fine (hopefully!) and we can't suggest anything useful, we will refund 100% of your payment.

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